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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 15, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> welcome to "newsday." >> standing shoulder to shoulder, president obama and david cameron reaffirm transatlantic ties. >> we want afghanistan to be able to look after its own security with its own security forces. >> four days after the massacre of 16 afghan civilians, the american soldier accused of the killings is blown out of the country -- flown out of the country. >> 28 dead, 22 of them children. the probe gets underway. family and friends express their grief. >> we do not know what is happening with them.
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our teacher and our monitor, they are dead. >> one-year out to the start of serious uprising, government troops renewed their deadly crackdown against rebels. >> it is 11:00 a.m. in singapore. >> it is 3:00 a.m. in london. we're broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is "newsday." >> hello, and welcome. president obama and the british prime minister have said the international mission in afghanistan is making real progress. mr. obama said they remain committed to a plan to transfer full responsibility for security to have capped forces into years' time. more details -- to afghan forces
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in two years' time. >> what what this president do to make his british gas to feel at home? -- guest to feel at home? the morning after the night at the game before, david cameron was welcomed. by an 19-gun salute, thousands of guests on the white house lawn, and cheering of american schoolchildren. the two leaders joked about the fact that 200 years ago, visiting brits tried to burn the white house to the ground. the president tried to speak english, just like the english do. >> david, i am looking forward to a great -- i am confident we will keep the relationship absolutely top-notch.
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>> called it special, essential, call it what you like, that relationship is, according to barack obama, the strongest ever. the backbone is the military. ♪ this is a relationship between two countries, between two leaders, forged by wars. but israel considering military action against iran, perhaps future, too. at today's talks may have produced few announcements, beneath the smiles, what these leaders discussed could scarcely mattered more. how to bring the afghan war to a close. starting next year, afghan troops will take the lead combat role, 11 or british american troops to come home. >> -- allowing more british and american troops to come home. >> that is the key. >> we have been there for 10
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years. people get buried. they know for it -- people get weary. >> the two men confirmed that they have examined military options through removing syria's president. they're counting on pressure to bring him down. >> pushed the system, ask the difficult questions, what are the other things we could do? they're not without their difficulties and complications. the focus is a transition and all the things we can do to bring not pressure. >> iran, whose nuclear program must be stopped, not merely contained. >> because we have employed so many of the options available to
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us to persuade iran to take a different course, the window for solving this issue diplomatically is shrinking. >> it is a daunting agenda for two countries which barack obama says stand together, work together, and bleed together. this is a visit memorable for its images, for its warmth, for munching hot dogs at the basketball. what will matter much more is the decisions taken here about how to end one more at the possibility of one, if not two, more. >> the american soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians earlier this week has been flown out of afghanistan. he has been flown to kuwait, but legal proceedings against him will go ahead outside of afghanistan. the victims, nine of them
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children, were shot in their homes in the early hours of sunday. jonathan, this soldier was always gone to be flown out of afghanistan, wasn't he? >> there was very little doubt ever since it became clear that a u.s. soldier was being accused of these killings over the weekend. whoever it was would have to leave afghanistan and face prosecution under the u.s. military legal system. there were calls in afghanistan from government officials and members of parliament that he should face trial and be prosecuted in that country. but that was very unlikely to happen. it now seems the process is moving forward. military officials in washington have said that he is being moved to a different u.s. military
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facilities in kuwait. we understand, so that he can be interviewed, detained, and cared for in the preferred way the u.s. military would like to pursue that with their investigation. >> this was, of course, a barrel -- a very difficult to of events for the coalition forces. >> yes, it was a dramatic development in what has been a very difficult few weeks for nato forces. not only was there the burning of the copies of the koran, which set off such a violent reaction across the country, but we have the video which appeared to show a u.s. marine and urinating on the bodies of afghan people who had been killed. this has put a strain on relations between the u.s. and afghan government. the hope is that with a swift
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investigation into this crime, justice will be followed and eventually done in the appropriate way. that will calm the anger of those in afghanistan. >> thank you very much for the latest. one of china's leading politicians, the communist party boss, has been dismissed from his post. speculation about the future group when he failed to take his usual seat at this session of china's annual parliament. he was damaged by a scandal and arming his former chief of police. -- involving his former chief of police. aaa rating is on- outlook. it could downgrade the u.k. in the next few years if the government does not contain the level of public debt.
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the american investment bank goldman sachs is doing its best to refuse claims by former manager that the working environment is toxic and destructive. the head of the equity business in europe wrote to "the new york times" sandals, and talk to your managers talk about ripping off their clients. thomas lubanga has been found guilty of recruiting and using child soldiers between 2002 and 2003. it is the court's first verdict since it was such of 10 years ago. -- set up 10 years ago. you have details of the tragic crash in switzerland. >> that is right. swiss prosecutors investigating the coach crashed in the tunnel in the swiss alps which killed 28 people.
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there is no evidence the driver was speeding. 22 of the dead were school children from belgium and the netherlands who were on their way home after a skiing holiday. 24 others were injured. the coach crashed into a wall and the road tunnel -- in a road tunnel. >> they worked long for the night, searching for the survivors in cramped conditions. indebted in the tunnel walls, the coach, filled with 11 and 12-year-old children. those who could had already clamored from the wreckage, but many of their friends were trapped inside. over 200 emergency workers were called to the same. there were called ambulances and eight helicopters. -- 12 ambulances and eight helicopters. >> when we saw the first
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horrific moment you could imagine how it would look inside the tunnel. >> the lure of the accident was written in the wreckage to remove this morning. so violent the impact, the front third of the coach was ripped apart. 28 people died, including 22 children and both drivers. this is the opposite side of the tunnel. the coach hit the right-hand wall before it collided head-on with a concrete pillar that formed part of the emergency exit. it is unlikely that driver fatigue will be to blame for this accident. the weather and a driving conditions were good. in this tunnel, there is a steep
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curve. that scenario will form part of the investigation, which is now underway. the victims were from the villages -- from villages. eight of the children are from the same school. when the school gates opened this morning, there were parents still learning of the accident. while some caught -- while some have confirmation, there were other select switzerland without any news at all. >> we have 24 children, aged children we do not know what is happening with them. some of the children of broken legs and arms. our teacher and our monitor, there are dead. >> tonight, the families arrived at the hospital or 24 children are still being treated. the belgian prime minister said
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no words could define the pain the parents must be feeling. he has declared a day of remembrance for the whole country. in this church, the priest offered little comfort. has got left us, he asked the congregation. -- has god left us, he asked the congregation. >> you are watching "newsday." stealing the spotlight, michelle obama and samantha cameron wow the crowds in washington. unemployment has risen to 2.6 malek -- 2.6 million. the number of people out of work, the government says there are signs of improvement.
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hundreds of ex-servicemen made ill by it nuclear weapons test in the 1950's have lost a supreme court bid to be allowed to seek compensation. the judgment bloc's most of the claims, a certain number can still proceed. three new cities have been announced to mark the queen's diamond jubilee. the winners, out of 25 competitors. it is the home of the international music festival, which was launched in 1972. >> this is "newsday." >> at a meeting in washington,
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president obama and david cameron have reaffirmed their determination to stay the course and afghanistan. four days after the massacre of 16 afghan civilians, the american soldier accused of the killing has been flown out of the country to kuwait. on the statemore dinner in washington. the director of the democracy institute in washington says that even though the two leaders were on completely different political spectrums, there were many reasons for them to appear to get along. >> you have a liberal democrat and conservative, and it is in their mutual self-interest to be buddies during this trip. president obama get the pulse of having a popular for a liter -- of having a popular for a liter. the prime minister is to fly on
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air force one. a lot of great pictures. the visuals are great. the wives are looking great, getting along great. >> if you were to be a fly on the wall, the think we would be hearing? >> i think we would be hearing a lot of disagreement. they completely disagree on economic policy. they disagree on the falklands. there is more disagreement on afghanistan than is being suggested. the most pressing issue in which they disagree is on what happens about an israeli strike if it happens against iran. president obama opposes that, but he will have to support israel. prime mr. cameron is in a different position so he has far more flexibility. >> discussions on afghanistan, it is time for the afghan army to take more control.
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it is a very difficult time. >> it is very delicate. the prime minister has a valid point. his concern is that obama is so keen to get out quickly, british troops do risk being left exposed. that is obviously both dangerous to the military and dangerous to the prime minister politically. >> we are in a presidential election. we have the republicans searching for a nominee. what kind of relationship does david cameron have -- >> he does not have a relationship. from this trip, he has snubs the republicans, particularly mitt romney. it is very short-term strategy of exploiting his relationship with president obama. if mitt romney wins, it's -- he
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will have to do some fancy footwork. to get back onside would someone who illogically -- ideologically, he would be in constant with. >> campaigners around the world will mark one year of violence and syria by calling on russia to back of the security council action to end the crisis. the coalition of 200 ngos are demanding the security council immediately unite. the american syria public affairs committee says a solution is not enough. >> all the crimes and off again -- and massacres and -- anybody
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who has in the shade of humanity left should have no problem issuing a resolution to condemn bashar al-assad. a resolution is not gone to do much. he will not be stopped by a resolution. he needs actions. >> what kind of actions do you mean? are you talking about something more in the lines of what we saw in libya? >> absolutely. why has the world waited more than a year to do something practical? in the case of libya, it was within weeks. less atrocities. it makes us not believe what is going on. the action we are looking for,
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bashar al-assad is not going to be stopped unless the force is used. the united nations, the united states, europe, and nato should arm the syrian people to be able to defend themselves. defending oneself is basically a god-given right. you have to allow people to defend themselves. either you come and defend them, the way the u.s. and nato did in bosnia and cause a vote, or allow them to arm themselves. not to do either one is [unintelligible] >> state-controlled media has broadcast -- the authorities are allowing all parties to have brief blocks on television and radio to promote their agenda.
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he called for media freedom and an independent judiciary. >> what do we do to ensure will log? we have to repeal immediately some of the repressive laws that are not in accordance with the time and enact laws that protect the people. we have to ensure that the judicial system as independent. media freedom must be given. >> the speech was well-received. it was the first time he appeared on state-run television. the origin of the speech was censored in the first place.
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i talked to people inside the country. she covered many issues. rule of law, she called for a nationwide cease-fire. she talked about education, health care, and how parties are going to amend the constitution. she made a strong commitment to amend the constitution when she is in parliament. she covered issues that the burmese people have been facing in the country. >> you say she covered a wide range of issues, but one section of for speech referring to the old military was censored. how significant a detail is that? >> the military is not behind
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the reform process. she also mentioned her father, who was assassinated by the political rival, was the one who founded the forces. they had to be behind the process. she has expressed doubt that the military is not behind the process. >> the american actor george clooney has been getting a firsthand account to a u.s. senate committee of the suffering that he witnessed during a recent trip to the south region of sit down. he has just returned from an eight-day visit and told the committee civilians have been caught up in conflict between rebels and the sudanese military. >> bear returning now to the
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visit of the british prime minister. he and president obama have been taking center stage, their wives have been carrying out a carefully choreographed itinerary of their own. we have more on the other half of the special relationship. >> 24 hours in the spotlight, michelle obama and samantha camera developed their transatlantic friendship. the report mirrors the warm relationship between britain and america. >> i want to join in and welcome are very special guest, mrs. samantha cameron. >> semantic cameron hearing more about michelle obama's causes. >> it was a great experience. i will remember this the rest of my life. >> that will help kids get together with france.
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>> michelle obama is from outside of chicago. samantha cameron has an aristocratic background. despite these differences, the two high-profile working mothers have bonded. these students visited by mrs. obama in london. now she has invited them to the white house. the girls have been getting some advice from the first lady and mrs. cameron. >> if you fail -- get up. >> they told us we have to find our passion. no matter what it was, that was the most important thing. >> these employees to women are reflecting the ties between their husbands and their nations. >> you have been watching "newsday." >> there is much more on our website.
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